Words.com is a site devoted to providing readers with access to thousands of articles that can be read from their iPhones, Black Berries, Kindle and others. These articles a reformatted so that the reader can get easy to read formats. Articles can be easily searched, found or you can simply asked to be surprised. You will be able to have several article open at the same time. Many people have bought smart phones just because they look good or just because that is what is on. However, once you have a smartphone in your hands, why not take full advantage of all the features that they come fully loaded with. Furthermore, many people like to read every time they have the chance, they like to stay on top of all the news, latest information on a variety of topics, etc. our site gives users the possibility to get articles to be read from their smartphones or their kindles. We have been very careful with the selection process in terms of the sources from which you will be able to get articles from, for that reason we are currently working only with the following publications. Foreign Affairs, BusinessWeek, New York Magazine, New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, Time, The Advocate, The Economist, Salon, Portfolio, Wired, Rolling Stone, Smithsonian, The Atlantic, Sports Illustrated, The New Yorker, The Nation and The New Republic.
A very special feature that we have to offer you is the fact that you can look for your articles using a search option that will allow you to classify the articles you may be interested in reading by the number of words it has. For example, if you have just 15 minutes and you want to read an interesting article about sports you can search for a 500 word article fro Sports Illustrated. If you have more time than that and you want to read for a longer period of time, BusinessWeek offers articles that can be more than 6,000 words and about several different topics.
Now lets analyze some of the magazines that we work with so that you can decide which one attracts your attention more. Foreign Affairs provides readers with articles based on answering questions of current international interest. The range of topics is great as it includes, economic, historical and political subjects. BusinessWeek, that will give you the latest most important information about the stock market, business news of all kinds and all those articles that you will be able to read in order to make important business decisions. We also have New York Magazine, in which you can get news about sports, hollywood, current news, politics, business and many other subjects.
Now that you have gotten a more clear picture of the kind of articles that you will have access to, and now that you know about some special features like keeping multiple articles will be able to stay open at the same time, and the fact that you can look for articles based on the length that you are looking for. Continue reading the pages of pour site and get ready to fully enjoy all the articles that you will have access to. If you are into businesses and you want to stay informed, make use of this very important tool.

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